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Faith, trust, pixie dust.
you can skyrocket away from me
introductory post. hiiii. 
26 09 30
Lou: Giggle
Hi, my name is Tyn.

It's pronounced Tyne, like the tine in valentine.
I'm 22 this year. I go to Brunel University in London but grew up in Singapore.

I watch too many Youtube videos, read too much fanfiction, am too invested in my OTPs' relationships, cry too much over boybands, watch too many shitty trashy reality TV programs, spend too much time tweeting about what I'm doing, take too long editing an Instagram picture, have strong urges to change my Facebook profile picture every 3 weeks, make too many playlists that sound exactly like each other, love spending my day rolling around bed a little too much, can never make decisions on what food to eat, catch myself crying and hitting my laptop screen at 4am every other day, have promised to quit One Direction about a million times, am too codependent on my best friends, tend to find ways to cheat in every iPhone game (thank you, jailbreak), can't seem to like a person if they have horrible social media etiquette even if they're the nicest people in real life, enjoy clubbing way more than I should, hate alcohol but love getting drunk, like white boys way more than my mum allows, get too nervous around even D-List celebrities, am too concerned about how many followers I have on Instagram/Twitter, put in too much effort into making stupid ass Keek videos that no one ever watches, spend too much money on food than anything else, love the idea of tattoos way more than my pain tolerance can handle, enjoy the thrill of sneaking into a concert more than the concert itself, am way too obsessed with music festivals, am too serious about wanting to make a professional career out of being a groupie, sleep way too late for my mother's liking, sleep in waaaaaay too late for my mother's liking, take way too many selfies on a daily basis and have way too many social media platforms -- so follow me on all of them!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tynnosaur
twitter: https://twitter.com/tynnosaur & https://twitter.com/vaientyn
snapchat: tynnosaur
instagram: http://instagram.com/tynnosaur
last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/Tynislove
tumblr: roquettes.tumblr.com & http://tomlinsonparty.tumblr.com/
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tynislove
ask.fm: http://ask.fm/tynnosaur

24 01 15 (UTC)
I love one direction! May i be added? you seem to be pretty cool.
24 01 15 (UTC)
also i love your mood theme
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