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Faith, trust, pixie dust.
you can skyrocket away from me
Lou: Giggle
Hi, my name is Tyn.

It's pronounced Tyne, like the tine in valentine.
I'm 22 this year. I go to Brunel University in London but grew up in Singapore.

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05 03 15 - rach —
Lou: I'll take that
I've thought about how I'd write this blogpost. snarky and funny first came to mind, but I thought, nah you're 21 and you deserve something more than the usual "HPBD R!" and an Instagram post.

you already know I love you lots, but I don't think I tell you enough how proud I am of you and how much you've changed from the person I first met. you still fall stupid head over nikes hard and fast with girls but your mindset on relationships is so much more mature and committed. I know whoever's with you next will be v v v lucky.

there's only two months and a bit til I'm back, and it's so relieving to know that the distance hasn't changed anything at all. you're always there for me whenever I need you (but I can't say I did the same for u sorry I'm the worst) and our FT calls always brighten my day because we can literally talk shit about anyth and everyth. you know everything there is to know about me inside and out. Even though we fight over stupid things (like sheryl & anne's relationship...what a burden lol jk eh sherool don't angst) we always just have to FT each other and we just burst into laughter.

I'm so so so sorry I can't be there for your birthday celebrations this year but I know we'll have a late one when I go back BUT IS OK BC I ALRE CELEBRATED URS LAST YEAR OK ENOUGH PARTIES U R 21 U DONT NEED IT ok

Anyway I hope you had a good 21st, it's technically still your birthday here so you can't complain about my lateness. We're gonna do so much when I get back so SAVE ALL YO MONEY and we'll go HAM and eat lots of food!!!! BRUNCH @ PARK.! dinner too at ur house. and lunch @ tori q. and breakfast @ macs. and supper @ kuey chup place. and tea break @ jones the grocer.

I love you so much Rachiiiieeee pls don't leave me forever. :( or I will kidnap u and eat u. xxxxx

Lou: Not Gonna Happen
2015. I'm not one for resolutions, and January is almost over, but there is one thing that I want to accomplish before this year ends.

this is me straight out of the shower. this is me without make-up, or coloured, enlarging contact lenses. this is me without layers and layers of vscocam filters, or lighting adjustments. this is me not messin with the angles or taking it from "my good side".

the last time I posted a pic of me without contacts and make-up was in secondary school. even then I refrained from taking pictures in school, sticking to posting pictures only when I go out during the weekends.

my confession is that I am perfectly okay leaving the house without make-up to pick up groceries or eat at a restaurant nearby. the thing that really triggers my insecurity is when I'm not wearing my coloured contact lenses.

I sound like a crazy person rn, dependent on two little pieces of magnifying plastic, but my biggest insecurity is probably my tiny ass irises.

which is not even something people take note of anyway, the size of a person's fucking irises, but mine are significantly smaller than everyone else's and it is only noticeable when you've put on enlarging contact lenses and then take them off. listen. you look x10 cuter with bigger irises. trust.

so coloured contacts has somehow become my biggest addiction. I literally cannot live without them. my confidence level is SO LOW when I'm not wearing them and I can't look anyone in the eye when I speak to them. I constantly find myself not speaking during conversations just because I didn't want to direct any attention to myself. I've tried to go back to normal contact lenses but there's just that nagging thought at the back of my mind that keeps telling me that everyone will notice when I'm not wearing coloured contacts and be like, "wait a minute...Tyn looks different today..."

I'm so addicted to coloured contacts that I wear them past the expiry date because my mum refused to get me a new pair from Singapore. I shouldn't even be wearing them at all after my contact lens infection situation, but it's just so. hard. to quit.

this whole post might sound slightly ridiculous, but it's just a personal struggle that I want to be able to overcome by the end of 2015. I think throwing away my contact lens is a first good step but the real issue is to be able to have the self confidence that I do when I have them on.

I don't even know. this is just so trivial to everyone else but it's actually a huge deal for me to be posting a picture of myself that I would never post in a million years, and it IS important to me because social media is important to me, so the content I put out I do put a lot of thought into, and I'm just so aware of likes, comments and followers so I'm still a little hesitant about whether or not I should post this.

guess I just want to be able to look back in a few years and be like, "ayyyy! you go gurl." but until then it's just going to be a lot of awkward averted eye contact between me and other people until I become the confident bad ass bitch I will eventually turn into.

that runs a sushi-shisha cafe and is a mother to a pygmy hedgehog and or a micro pig. hopefully.
Tink: Twirl
excuse this post - it's going to be an emotional one.

merry christmas yallllll! christmas is technically over but it lasts 12 days in my book.

it has been a very eventful christmas to say the least. very different too. obviously this time I'm not surrounded by the usual family and friends and it sucks, and my homesickness is intensified especially during this holiday, but then I look around again and realise that I'm surrounded by the most amazing people.

there's my mum -- who's always one step ahead of me in terms of planning my life out. she knows my flaws better than I do and foresees my bad decisions and prevents me from making them. I often (90%) mistake her caring for me as relentless nagging but then I tell myself she's just doing everything for my own good and I shouldn't keep picking fights with her over fucking Skype. she's made the trek all the way to the UK and all she does is try to involve herself in my life but I keep pushing her away, and I guess I need to be more understanding.

my dad who doted on me a lot until we fell out over a stupid situation this year that caused us to have the most awkward relationship ever after that. I kinda miss being a daddy's girl but me being away kinda improved our relationship a little bit. people still find it surprising that I never Skype or speak but that's the thing - our relationship isn't based on that and I'm grateful I don't have to speak to him every 3-4 days to feel close to him. Then I find random gems like this:

and I get reminded of how much I miss his stupid dad jokes and cooking, and I know that he's thinking of me in whatever he does.

my broskis - yes, even the younger one. I can't bring myself to write a cheesy paragraph about them because we were never like that so let's just trust that I do love both of them very much and am grateful we get along.

chlo, chan, xiaogu & uncle john - a huge part of my move to London. could not be more appreciative of all they've done for me, xiaogu cooking meals that I crave so I don't die from the copious amounts of frozen pizza and chicken nuggets, uncle john for taking me shopping for uni essentials and driving me back and forth the uni, and chloe and chanelle whose the best support system a girl could ask for, whether it's me getting lost while taking the tube or feeling ridiculously homesick - they're always there for me. I don't think I could've coped with the change if they weren't there to help me settle down.

everyone I've met in uni - I can't possibly name all of them as I'm bound to miss someone out. there's the obvious ones tho, jenny of course, who I would never in a million years think I'd get along with but I do and I could not be more relieved to have someone like her at uni. jenny is so shamelessly herself in every aspect of life. she makes me laugh with her unique brand of humour and understands to leave me alone when I get into one of those moods. carl, who I didn't think I'd be close to as well, with his obsession for gymming and rolling joints and his capacity to take me and jenny's whiny bullshit. he's definitely opened my mind up to a new genre of music - rap, loooool - and fueled my obsession with Childish Gambino. we can hang out in his room just getting blazed in comfortable silence and not have it be awkward, and have developed a weird mutual interest in the art of rolling j's hahaha. he's definitely more passionate about rolling than I am tho. also because he's way better at it.

the boys - rudi, waffles, luke, ridvan, jacky, danny and will - an amazing group of people that knows how to have fun and are always around to hang. I've got an individual friendship with all of em and can trust that if I were to get into any trouble with anyone when we have a night out they'd have my back cuz I'd have theirs.

everyone else - patty, robby, dastin, magnus, gullo - all lovely, wonderful people who's made my uni experience what it is.

what I'm trying to say is, that when I look back on this post in a few years, I want to remember how blessed and lucky I am at this moment of my life and I just want to appreciate and soak up every last bit of it before it ends.
Lou: Scrunchy Nose
So it's 5:23am atm, and I've been up since 8am (with 4 hours of sleep). I was so tired an hour ago from having a good (albeit expensive) night out with the Chanelle and Alex but now I'm just lying in Chloe's bed, away from uni, wide awake and unable to sleep. It then got me thinking, I've only been in uni for 3 weeks but I've already learnt so much in such a short amount of time. And it has been AMAZING.

1. Discipline is key!!!!!!!

Seriously. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about how undisciplined I've been. This includes alcohol (and other stuff) intake, going to classes on time, finance, sleeping pattern, tidying up my room and washing my fucking dishes.

I've been feeling a pain at the side of my abdomen for at least a week now. One of my hall mates, Kebba, seems to have had the same pain except in both sides, and he mentioned that it was due to the excessive amounts of alcohol we've been drinking. Which -- fair enough. So I figured I'm probably suffering from the same thing. And yet!!!!! I still go ahead and drink every night for 7 days in a row. It's not just 'a glass of wine at dinner', or 'casually drinking beer with friends', it's more like 'LET'S DO VANILLA VODKA SHOTS UNTIL WE THROW UP EVERYWHERE!!!'. Not a pretty sight. (Thank you again Varsha for holding my hair back.)

It was then time to put a stop to things and stop drinking. So I did. For three days. *crickets chirping*

I tried, okay! It's hard when everyone is still in Freshers mood (and probably will be for the whole of first year). They mention drinking and I'm like a fucking dog reacting to a squirrel, okay. My ears perk up, my tail wags uncontrollably and my tongue hangs out. Hi, my name is Tyn and I'm slightly but not really addicted to alcohol. Vodka cranberries, to be more specific.

Don't worry though the pain has gone down a lot. Who knows, it may not even be from the alcohol.

About going to classes on time, I have been quite good at that. Except Wednesday classes because I have skipped two out of two lectures that had happened. This is because everyone else arounds me don't have classes on Wednesdays and I'm just like, "Errr. Neither do I? Let's stay up til 7am!" NOoooppppe.

FINANCE. I have been spending way too much money. Way, way too much. Starting next week I'm going to put all the cash I have on me in my brand new shiny bank, put my credit card away deep in Narnia at the back of my closet and START RECORDING DOWN SHIT I'M SPENDING MONEY ON. Because seriously. £7 for a cookie dough ice cream sundae is not worth it. #studentbudget

Also tonight was so expensive but there I was shelling out £20 for kebabs and £12 for a martini (several* martinis) and £15 for shots.......and to top it all off, a £60 ÜBER FARE.

Mama is not going to be a happy camper when the bill comes.

So yes. More discipline needed in that area. Does discipline come in paper bags? Willing to buy 20. I mean -- I NEED TO STOP SPENDING MONEY.

2. You learn a lot about other cultures

My flat is SO diverse. You've got Varsha from Dubai, Julie from France, Jenny & Diana from Romania, Waffles from Belgium but also Switzerland but also he can speak French???, Rudi, Danny, Alex & George from the UK [Edit: 9/11/2014] Rudi from Ireland (p.s, Rudi is actually from Brighton. He's been bugging me for weeks now to change my blogpost about him being from the UK. He says it's like saying I'm from China. Fair enough. But seriously, Rudi. Get a hobby. Jokes. x) Danny (Or as I later found out, Ladane) from Middlesex. He's half Dutch and half...something, and then me! It's amazing.

I never thought people in Dubai spoke English so fluently. I never thought I'd even want to visit Dubai before meeting Varsha. Then the girls from Romania -- which I know NOTHING about, just amazed me with how funny and cool they are, and now I want to go there as well.

Before I came here I was like, "if anyone fucking says I'm from China or that Singapore is part of Malaysia or we can't chew gum and shit, and why is my English so good?!? WHY DON'T I SPEAK CHINESE? imma be quite pissed." But like, why did I think that?! Obviously not everyone's going to know everything about everywhere. Heck, I didn't even know they spoke English is Dubai and that is quite offensive. Bottom line is, I should practice what I preach and stick to my fave quote, "Stay curious."

It's okay to not know where someone's country is, I couldn't even pronounce/spell Lithuenia (where Pov's from) before this and now I know what kind of food they eat (cold soup, apparently. Hahaha). It's okay when people get something wrong about your country because like all of us, they're still learning about all the different races and cultures and all that shit. It's totally cool.

Except when you get in my face and say shit like "NI HAO KONNICHIWA" then I will go Bruce Lee on your ass.

P.S., really good Asian joke from Jackie: WE ARE THE A-SIAN, NOT THE B-SIAN. So funny. Have not stopped laughing. He's not even Asian.

3. Trust, but not too easily

I have realised that I trust people too much, too easily. I can go to Flat 74 and leave my bag, keys, wallet, phone and credit cards there and come back to find everything in tact. Pi even told me off once for leaving my stuff there (even though it's his flat!) as it's not safe and I should be more careful. Which is true but, I don't have a reason to not trust anyone, y'know? No one has ever made me think, "shit, probably shouldn't leave this here. Dude looks shady as fuck."

Honest to god, I don't mind giving people my trust. I just need to know they trust me back. And that when something happens, they own up to it like proper adults. E.g., I didn't lock my room door the other day and the boys from my flat came in when I wasn't there and moved my stuff around as a joke (make-up bag on top shelf, coats out of the wardrobe etc) and I was properly freaking out about it like, who the fuck was in my room?! But then I found out it was the boys and I was like oh phew okay cool it's just harmless fun.

Like I trust people, and I expect them to trust me back and own up to shit when I ask about it. So yeh, I do trust my hall mates. Cuz they've never done anything to make me think otherwise. (Except my missing vanilla Smirnoff...but I'll let that one slip because it was drunken carelessness on my part for leaving it around.)

4. The first week is the hardest

Trust me when I say, things WILL get better. My blogposts in the first weeks in London were a mess. I was so homesick, and still haven't recovered from the thought of not being able to see my best friends for a year. Everything was so different, and I was pushed so far out of my comfort zone. I couldn't tell my usual jokes that I know people back home will find funny because everyone's sense of humor is so different here (not in a bad way, just different). And everyone was younger than me but yet more experienced in every aspect of life, which kind of intimidated me. I didn't feel like a properly fit in anywhere yet, and everyone was still so apprehensive about each other.

Things REALLY got better as time went by and I got to know more of my hallmates. I went home this weekend and I was just missing uni and the people there so much, it's like you leave your room and there'll be someone right there to have a chat with you, and you'll never feel alone. Then, when you want some alone time, you can just hide out in your bedroom and chill for a bit before going out to socialize again. I'm so, so grateful that I got to be placed in these halls cuz I couldn't have asked for a better set of hallmates. :')

I still do get pangs of homesickness during random times, like when I have to second guess myself before saying something whereas I just run my mouth off back at home. I'm still not 101% comfortable with saying what I really want to yet during certain conversations, but I think I'll get there soon. I mean, I've already taken a BIG step with going to lectures without make-up this morning. (Only because I was REALLY late, but still.)

5. Saying 'no' is hard, but sometimes it's needed

I've always had trouble saying 'no' to things, like when I'm too tired to go out but someone convinces me to and I eventually give in, and then I regret it 3 hours later when I'm not having a good time and am just dying to go home. This will then cause me to spend unnecessary money on drinks I didn't want, and a cab ride that was not needed in the first place.

Or when I buy a bottle of alcohol that is supposed to last me through the week but my hallmates give me them darn puppy dog eyes and by the time I know it, all of it is gone and I just spent 18 quid on like 3 shots of my alcohol.

Or when someone wants a fag, but I only have 2 left, and don't want to look like a stingy bitch because it is just one stick, but I give it to them anyway hoping that the next time I need one, karma will prove herself and it will be presented to me on a silver platter because I GAVE UP MY LAST STICK. I DESERVE IT.

I've finally learnt that saying 'no' sometimes is okay, I don't always have to please everybody at the extent of my own inconvenience.

6. Every girl for herself (re: BOYS)

Fuck girl code. If you didn't make a special pact about a special guy to 'claim' your rights, then there is NO girl code. You may think a certain guy is fit but that doesn't mean you have automatic dibs on him. You have to have a valid reason for your claim. This is legit. HAHAH. I'm not even kidding. I think this 'new' girl code needs to mature a little bit. Will document on results and update you in a few weeks. Maybe months, if the boys here are as good as it gets and we get left with zero choices to fight over. Oh God, no.

7. Bring your summer clothes

Seriously, if you're anything like me, you'd prefer going to flat parties way more than going to the student club. Bring your crop tops and short shorts because besides the short smoking breaks, you're going to be indoors most of the time. Running from floor to floor. Riding in shopping carts. Probably going to get told off by the security officer as well. Flat parties are the best. Fuck paying 5quid for entry when you can put that fiver into the alcohol pool.

I've already worn all the sweaters that I've brought along with me and have avoided wearing the one my mum made me bring (long sleeved turtle necks no thank you), and I regret not bringing all my cute crop tops with me because I could totes take on this weather as long as I have a coat with me. So don't listen to your mum -- bring your summer clothes and slutty dresses because that's what matters most in Freshers. What is keeping warm?

8. The reality of how useless and talentless you are comes crashing down on you

When you're surrounded by people like Waffles & George who are amazing at drawing - be it doodles of old Chinese men or sketches of cameras - and Alex whose knowledge of the world is just endless, and Patrick with his gloves light show amazingness, and Cassie with her quick wit and dry humor, and everyone with their love for sports and gym and protein and shit, you kind of slowly start realising how pathetically normal you are.

I've never been particularly good or interested in anything, mostly because I'm lazy and my interests consist of watching a fuckton of TV Shows and getting too emotionally attached to the on-screen characters, or buying t-shirts of boybands who produce admittedly shitty music.

Kinda makes me wonder how much more interesting my brothers would be in uni, my older brother with his little drawings that could rival Waffles', and my younger brother with his cool (but don't tell him I said this) magic tricks. My only party trick is the fucking cup song, and that's gotten old already.

This sounds pretty depressing, but I swear it's not as bad as it sounds. I just keep thinking that my talent will come very later in life. People get famous when they're old, right?! Maybe I'll be fastest typer with elbow, or something. You never know. Always look on the briiiiight side of life (doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo).

9. Frozen food is the best

Sure, when you're hungry as fuck and just want something hot to eat, and are contemplating between microwaving some frozen leftovers - 5mins max - or popping some frozen chicken nuggets into the oven - 20mins max -, it might sound like a long time, but it's really not. It's just Wicked Wonderland on repeat for 3.5 times and your nuggets are hot, crispy and ready to go. Invest in frozen food. So worth it.

Frozen food also includes ice cream, of course! I can't tell you how much I love Tesco's for having that 2 for £6 deal for Ben & Jerry's right now. Also £2.50 for a B&J's Core. SO GOOD! I've gone through SO much ice-cream. Haven't decided whether it's because munchies or I just can't resist B&J's.

10. Keeping a journal is the best thing that's going to happen

I've recently invested in a journal and have just been scribbling away at random thoughts and conversations around me, funny things people say and all of that. It's very fun to re-read all of it the next day and be like, "oh yeah! That was said in the conversation." Sometimes when there are loads of people around and I can't catch what funny thing everyone is saying or it's too dark out or I my your journal at home, I just turn the recorder on my phone on without telling anyone. I know it's creepy that I don't tell them when I record but I just want to get the raw conversation where people aren't hyperaware of the fact that someone's listening in on them and start watching what they say.

Trust me even when you don't feel like writing and just want to revel in the moment, it's so much more worth it to just spend 45 seconds writing it down real quick cuz now I've just got a notebook full of thoughts from me and occasionally Jenny, funny conversations and where it's happening, other peoples' drawings, and a bit of my own drawing as well. If you call 'doodling' drawing.

Basically, yes, Uni is a wonderful place. I actually do miss it when I'm gone. I might be a little codependent on my flat and hallmates.

This post took ages to put up. Oh my god. It's finally done though. I've no idea when I'm going to blog again. I'm not even busy at uni. 
05 09 14 - plane thoughts
Lou: Licking Lips

9hrs to touchdown:

I'm sitting here in this tiny space, thousands of feet in the air, wiping tears off my face from reading my friends' letters. It's embarrassing, but at least I chose a good time to read it - when they've dimmed the inflight lights and mostly everyone is sleeping. I'm torn between wanting to cry some more and laughing at this Aunty that on the plane that is watching the whole season of Channel 8's Little Nonya. She has been causing a lot of drama for the poor flight attendants. I tried sleeping but my sleep playlist is SO emo, I don't know how I've never noticed this, so I end up crying and wetting my sleep mask. My heart is still heavy, and I still feel like I'm going to burst into tears any minute, but there's an underlying feeling of excitement, and I think - hope! - that ultimately the excitement will take over the fear, anxiousness and nerves.

I'm going to be okay, I think. I know once I see Chloe and Chanelle - a little bit of home - I'll feel better.

So thankful my cough is almost fully healed, how unhygienic would it be to be coughing in this tiny enclosed space...I wish I slept later yesterday night and was more tired now. The more I stay awake, the more I think about stuff. It's not fun.

7h 20 min to touchdown:

Managed to fall asleep. Fat white lady sitting behind be that has been jiggling my seat the whole time woke me up by jiggling it more forcefully with her big ass tits. And big ass. Ugh. Super annoyed, tore my sleep mask off but refused to call her out on it because she's old. Guy sitting diagonally to my right is giving me weird looks. Might be because I'm glaring through my seat at the fat, old lady.

Just changed my tampon. Put a pad for extra protection. Who knew they provided pads in the SQ Plane toilets? Nice. Also #TMI.

Filled out the form for when I land. Had to borrow a pen from the nice Korean couple beside me. They're nice because they don't disturb me when I sleep - or at all - and only go to the toilet when I go. :') why didn't I bring a pen?!

Eyes are really tired now. I've removed my contacts ages ago but they're still dry. Might be from the crying. I want to sleep. I wish I could sleep. 7 more hours.

5h 30m to touchdown:

Was about to sleep after watching The Other Woman (for the second time bc it's such a good movie lmao) but GUESS WHAT fat lady asked me to put my seat in upright position because her "leg was hurting". Fucking oh my god can I push her off the flight? She's done fuck all but jiggle my seat. Oh my god FIVE HOURS MORE. Maybe I'm not gonna sleep at all, my eyes are soooo dry tho.

I'm just staring at the map watching the airplane move inch by inch. We're flying over Kuwait now. Cool.

Wish I was sitting by the window so I can take the artsy Instagram worthy cloud type pictures. I'm embarrassing. Sorry.

4521km to London. Fuckkkkkk meeeeee.

3h 50 min to touchdown

Just watched Walk of Shame. Was good. But I'm tired as fuck. I dumped my iPod somewhere in my bag and now I can't find it. Have to listen to Spotify on my phone and the only music I put for offline listening is the Top 40s so it's gonna be a lot of loud, poppy shit. That I would love on a normal day, but. Ugh. I'm cranky. I just want this flight to end.

Think I'm gonna try and get some rest. If the fat bitch behind me will stop JIGGLING MY FUCKING CHAIR!!!!!

2h 50 min to touchdown

Just tried to sleep. For an hour. ONE FUCKING HOUR. Time is crawling by at this point. It would have to take one very long action movie or two rom-coms until this flight will be over.

Oh my god help me. I wish wish wish I brought my laptop on the flight now. They have shitty ass TV and I kinda just wanna rewatch some TV shows. Three episodes of Shameless. And I'd be done. But nope. I decided to be an idiot and check in my luggage.

They have The Originals but it's season one like >:( NO! Maybe I should try watching Game of Thrones. Ok here goes. If there's blood in the first 5 minutes I'm switching to 2 Broke Girls.

There's a dead guy holding his own head. In the snow. It has been 2 minutes. There's a crazy zombie like guy. What the fuck is this shit I'm done.

1hr 30min to touchdown

Just ate. Was pretty good. Watching Glee now. It's the episode where all the old glee members are back with the new ones and dayyuumm I forgot how much I loved this show before the new people came in. And how hot Puck was. Also fucking Santana!!!! Kurt looks cute as well. Two episodes of Glee and I'll be in London :)

30 min to touchdown

Just redid my makeup in the bathroom. Bad idea to do it without a brush. I look to white now lmao. Also am watching Cake Boss. I'm so excited to land!!!!

16 min to touchdown

Time is moving toooooo slowly and I miss having wifi. I should've probably used this time to type up my journal entry about my friends and family and how amazing they are yet I just vomited all my feelings into my notes. Stewardess keeps asking me to put my bag under the seat LADY ITS A HUGE BAG IT WONT FIT you've come by here like three times it doesn't fit jfc.

Someone is playing pop punk music out loud? I'm very confused. Totally resisting the urge to take a snapchat rn. I'm so dependent on social media smh.

Only 3 minutes has passed. Time is C R A W L I N G by. I can't even begin to think about what a nightmare customs are gonna be then trying to lug a 34kg luggage off the belt by myself. I hate traveling alone...

I need a fucking shower.


Have finally arrived in London safe and soundly! Had a nice home cooked meal today, spent the time with the cutest little puppy that Chloe & Chanelle just got, caught up with them for a bit and today I'm just gonna sleep in. The weather here is so lovely, I couldn't be more pleased. :)

Can't believe that this day has finally arrived, time to take the safety wheels off my very first bike. I'm a little wobbly at first, but I pick up momentum and I go. I don't look back.

25 08 14 - BOOM CLAP
Adam: Grin
J U L Y!

It's almost the end of August, but like every aspect of my life, I am late. Deal with it.

To say that this month was eventful would be a massive understatement. It was filled with a lot of very high highs and very low lows. Let's get right to it.

1. Tokyo, Japan
If you didn't already know, I went to Japan! Tokyo, specifically. I went with Alexis and Jewel and this is the first trip I properly felt like I'm going on a vacay with friends rather than family+adults. I know I've been going to America with epicflailer without adults, but the vibe of going with people closer to my age is different. Both are as amazing, just different!

Anyway I was contemplating on whether I should blog about Japan and then decided that nope, I'm too lazy to. Because for the whole of the trip I have been vlogging and that should be better than a wall of text and a few pictures, right? Hopefully? I've only uploaded the first 6 days of the trip, and am still halfway editing Day 4 which is Disneyland day because it's hard to fit all of the footage into an under-20min vlog. But anyway, here's the vlogs' playlist for your amusement!

2. Going back to dark hair
So, second last day of Japan I decided on a whim while shopping in a convenience store that I want to go back to black. Or rather, dark brown. So Lex & Jew picked out a color for me and Lex helped me dye my hair. Now, I haven't had dark hair in aaages, probably ever since I went super light after secondary school, so that's like 3 years ago. I was very very nervous as to how this would turn out but surprisingly! I liked it. :D

Before & After
I liked the color, so it wasn't an issue. The issue came the next morning, when my scalp was ITCHING REALLY BADLY. And this immediately brought me back to like, 2009 where I was allergic to the box dye and had this whole horrible ordeal with hair fall and burning scalp and -- let's not get into it. It was a messy, uncomfortable time which resulted in me having to cut my long hair off. BACK TO THE PRESENT.

My scalp was itching really badly, but it was Disneysea day, so I sucked it up and tried to distract myself in anyway possible, and it worked, because how can you not be distracted at Disneysea?! I managed to not think about it that much despite the fact that it was HOT AS FUCK, and I was perspiring, so the sun beating directly onto my scalp+perspiration+allergy does not make for a very happy Tyn.

But at around 3pm, Jewel & Lex started noticing red bumps on my face. I immediately started freaking out. While Alexis was dyeing my hair she did spill some (quite a lot, actually) hair dye along my face down my neck, but I didn't think much of it then and obviously didn't wipe it off properly, so my mind immediately went to that dark scary place of my face just breaking out in rashes while I'm in Disneysea. I had a little cry because I started panicking, but Lex & Jew convinced me to just ignore it and have a good time so I tried.

The rash kind of just stayed on my face, not going away/getting better, so I kinda just left at it. My scalp was TORTUROUS, though, oh my god I had the worst time. We decided to go eat at Tokyo Station after Disneysea and I could still tolerate a bit more of outside activity but I was itching to go home and soothe my scalp with some nice, cold water and aloe vera. So we had one meal, but Lex & Jew decided that since it was our last ever night here we should try to stuff ourselves as much as possible. I agreed, because I do love my Japanese food, but my patience for my itching scalp was wearing thin. It was like almost being able to shower but nope -- not yet. So it was torture. And I could not ignore the itch any longer.

Yui (Alexis' friend from Osaka) went home after the first meal, she always thought we were crazy for being able to eat so much, lmao. So when Yui went home idk, something in me just snapped and I just decided it was now perfectly okay to break down. So I did. Really loudly. In Tokyo Station. This was how the conversation went:

[Jewel was in the bathroom, me & Lex were outside before our second meal]
Me: Lex, I want to go home.
Lex: Ya, we will go home after ramen.
Me: No, Lex, I want to go home.
Lex: *a bit annoyed* YES, WE WILL.
Me: *squats on floor and bursts into tears*
Lex: !?!?!?!?
Lex: Okay, okay, we'll go home!!!
Me: *sniffles* let's go eat ramen.

I was doing another one of my infamous crying/laughing thing where I just couldn't get over the ridiculousness of me crying so I'll start laughing but also cry at the same time...I don't even understand myself tbh.

So we ate, went home, the itching didn't stop after washing, I cried some more, applied a shit ton of Aloe Vera, finally went to bed with swollen eyes and...

...WOKE UP WITH THE WHOLE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE SWELLED UP. Lex & Jew were convinced that my eyes were only swelled up because I cried the previous night but as the day went on and my right eye swelling went down, they then started noticing/realising that it was red streaky lines down the side of my face where Alexis spilled the dye on me. :(

I wore shades everywhere that last day, indoors in the airport and shit. Ugh, it was horrible.

Went to the doc's immediately the next day only to find out that eye doctors at Eagle Eye Centre are actually pretty damn good looking and there I was looking like fucking Quasimodo. But anyway, it went down in 2 days and it was fine after that. That's my story. It's more dramatic than my retelling of it. I'm toning it down to save my face, but ask Jewel and Alexis and they will gladly tell you the gory details.

3. Sheryl's birthday
Since I am the worst friend ever, I totally forgot that Sheryl's birthday fell on the 22nd of July when I was booking Japan accommodation all those months ago, therefore I had more to make up for when I came back.
I was dealing with the effects of the rash on my face, and was feeling very poorly and miserable, so I just told Sheryl that I wouldn't be able to make it for the dinner we were planning for her. Anyhoo, of course I did make it, and we had a lovely dinner at Supply & Demand at Orchard Gateway with a bunch of her friends, then we went to Dhoby Green to chill after that. It was lovely to be able to catch up with my friends after Japan :)

Her smelly durian cake

then I went clubbing that night and lost $80 and my tamagotchi HA HA HA Tyn you never learn from your mistakes.

Day after that we brought Sheryl to a surprise staycation at Orchid Country Club. No pictures, but we spent the whole night just talking about anything and everything until like 4am, then we recorded a Youtuber Whispers video, then we watched Are You The One til we fell asleep. I felt so full of love and happy and just :) :)

It was raining SO heavily and I honestly thought I was going to fail for the second time because I made the stupidest mistakes but I DIDN'T! I PASSED! Also mostly because my tester was lovely and lenient as fuck. Thank you, Mr Tester. :)

A U G U S T!

Besides clubbing almost every week and sometimes twice a week, August has been quite eventful too.

1. Jewel's 21st Birthday

It was a white party so everyone there was in white...obviously haha. It was pretty awkward, only because I'm an awkward person around strangers and there was no alcohol to save me (I know, it's kinda sad that I need alcohol to make friends lmao how did I ever survive school?!) but after the party we went to Acid Bar for drinks and I was doooownnnn for that.

rest of entry will be quickly summarized as it's 5am lol

  • Went to JB twice, once with epicflailer and once with Lex

  • Settled my Visa and flight

  • Hanging out almost everyday with Lex & Jew #bestneighboursever

  • Contact lens infection fully healed!!!!

  • Cutting off 2.5inches of my hair and being the only one who can tell the difference

  • Hair's dark brown faded so I'm a red head with bad black roots now again sigh went through that torture for nothing


  • Meeting a bunch of my flatmates and hallmates on Facebook, then purchasing freshers party tickets! wooo

  • Karaoke for 3 straight hours for Nininatty's birthday then

  • Joel's 21st McDonalds party

I should really head to bed now, I came onto Livejournal to type about something else but saw this in my drafts and decided to finish it up before starting on a whole new blogpost. Maybe I'll do that post tomorrow, right now it's 5:10am and I have lots of errands to run tomorrow for Uni ugh :( NTY

xxxxxxxxx tynny
Tink: Twirl
Argh I have so many drafts of blogposts that I want to do up but just haven't gotten a chance to or am just too lazy. So until Japan comes around, here's a quick update on what I've been getting up to ♡

  1. Anne's birthday! We just did a mini get-together at Tanjong Beach Club last Saturday. It was pretty fun, despite the slow start. I got way too drunk way too fast and was disgustingly drunk at 7pm, their Tanjong Flys are just too frickin' yummy. We just chilled by the beach, played with sparklers after dinner and watched the fireworks rehearsal for National Day. It was so so lovely. Then I went home, took a 20 minute nap to sleep my drunkenness off, put on a fresh face of make-up and headed out to Zouk. It was a good night with Jewel and Alexis, but oh my god by 3am I was sleep-dancing because I was so tired. Also I didn't drink anymore even tho there were drinks, because I still felt a bit sick from the evening.

  2. Badminton with the Island girls! We decided to get off our lazy arses and meet-up to play badminton (instead of meeting up to eat all the time). I didn't even know I had a tennis court until Sunday, and I've been living in my estate for close to 3 years lmao. I forgot how much I actually loved badminton, it's a really fun sport, especially when Kat started throwing her racquet at Kenneth and we decided to pretend we were playing tennis and started groaning whenever we hit the shuttlecock. I also perspired a lot, which is a good work out. Heh.

    Badminton with this lot

    The girls also saw my room for the first time and their reaction about the posters on my wall was, "oh my god, have to Snapchat this." lmao standard.

    After a tiring badminton session (this was on 5 hours of sleep and 7 hours of work before) we all went to a Korean restaurant nearby and I had the yummiest beef noodles. :) Was so full from it but couldn't resist some Udders after that. Safe to say my diet is frickin' useless because I have not a single ounce of self-control. Oop.

  3. Last dinner with Laury :( Because I'm leaving for JP on Monday, I won't be here to see her off to Switzerland so we decided to meet for the last time for dinner as she didn't come for badminton on Sunday. We went to 2 Chefs at Commonwealth for tze char, which was good. It was a very entertaining dinner, and just reminded me of how wonderfully dramatic us girls can get, haha. Sometimes it's good to have a little bad drama in our lives if it's going to end up bringing us closer together. After that we walked for 20 mins through a really really scary path led by Amanda, where there was screaming, grabbing each others' arms and a rat involved. It was amusing to say the least. We got some ice-cream at Daily Scoop and just sat around talking until the last bus. I'm really going to miss that bimbo. :'( LOVE YOU LAURY, really hope you don't forget me in Switzerland, hehe. Also remember to have lots of fun and don't be afraid to take risks and live life on the edge. ;) Will miss all the gossiping that went on way back in the Island Creamery days, v glad I met you :')

  4. The Most Frustrating Customer In The History Of Ever
    Buckle in for storytime, kiddos, because I've got a lot of pent-up anger in me that I need to release. Back Story: I work in a little retail shop opposite my house and quite enjoy my job as I don't have to do anything at work 3/4 of the time. So this customer comes in, and she asks for my colleague, K. K wasn't working today so she tells me her name, let's call her 'L'. A (my boss), I (my boss' husband) and YL (other part-timer) were all at the counter area instead of the back room because A and I were just about to leave, and YL was just finishing up her hours and I was to take over her shift. I recognised L's name because there is a note at our counter to tell part-time staff that we kind of short-changed her of $100 the last time. So we do give her the $100 in cash and thought she was going to be on her way to wherever she is supposed to go.

    Nope, she stayed on and don't get me wrong, she is very nice to us and all, but she got a bit too personal. She started telling all of us her life story - as if I cared! I just wanted to watch my Big Brother - and all of us just had to kind of smile and nod even tho A, I and YL had to go off. She was relentless though, very enthusiastic about telling us her sob story and I don't want to be rude, I really don't, but I was genuinely not interested and was this close to telling her to go get a therapist. So A, I & YL finally managed to leave and JY, a full-timer from the backroom of our shop came out to help me deal with her because she was speaking Chinese and I was hopeless at that language.

    She then started to try to figure me out, saying shit like I look like a very sweet girl but I'm actually a backstabbing bitch behind closed doors (not false), and that I won't hesitate to throw someone under a bus etc. Like what even?! I just met you, stop thinking you know me. Of course because my boss is all about customer service I kind of just had to go with it and be like, "oh haha that is hilarious! areyougonnabuysomethingomggetout". JY and I had to entertain her though, and soon enough she started asking us recommendations of what clothes to buy that would suit her and her 33 year old boyfriend/fiance/husband (she changed this bit so many times, I don't even know what he is to her). She's about 43.
    JY and I tried to help her out as much as possible, but soon she went absolutely apeshit on the store, pointing at clothes on the racks going, "oh my god this is so cute! I want this" and telling us her size, so JY and I were running around the shop trying to keep up with her and had to keep running back and forth between the backroom where the stocks are kept to get her size. At this point I was kind of doubting her interest in actually buying anything because she would point to two dresses of the same design and going, "there are two colors right? I'll take both" and when we asked her if she wanted to try she would say, "nope, I don't need to try clothes on. I just buy." and then she started telling us about how much money she has and how much cash she brought that day ($1.5k) and how everyone at this particular shop loved her because she always spent a lot. I didn't know whether to believe it or not, because what she was buying was way over 1.5k, but she did spent $1000+ the last time she came, so me and JY were a bit skeptical. She was ridiculous, she would go to the shoes and point to random pairs, going, "I want this, this and this, my size is 38" and we'd have to take the sizes out for her to put at the counter and she DIDN'T EVEN TRY THEM ON. Then she went to the accessories and claimed she wanted all of the wallets & bags, so we took new pieces for her for those too, went to the laptop bags and made us take out all our stocks from behind, saying she wanted to buy everything.

    Being 'the friendliest shop in the whole of Bukit Timah Neighbourhood' (according to my boss lmao), I couldn't simply deny her requests even though I knew at this point that the woman was fucking cray as shit, and we took out all 14 laptop bags we had in stock. I asked her why she needed so many and she just said, "I have 6 laptops." She then asked for two pairs of shoes of the SAME SIZE so she could 'keep one as back-up'. Wtf?! These were $150 shoes. All these while she has been very nice and friendly, randomly stopping her rambling to say, "Oh my god you're really very pretty! I love you hair also. You're so pretty I want to kill you!" like WTF WOMAN YOU DON'T JUST SAY THAT TO A PERSON YOU JUST MET. I just had to awkwardly laugh and try to focus on finishing up her shopping. After all that, she then said, "Ok, I need to go meet my friend for a quick drink. I'll be back in 15 mins tops to pay for everything." YEAH FUCKIN' RIGHT. JY's shift was over, but she insisted on waiting with me for her to come back because it's a lot of products to scan and pack. 15 mins went by, 30 mins went by, one hour went by and JY went home, she still wasn't back.

    The store was a mess, since our shop is very little, most of the racks were empty from her shopping. and all folded and packed nicely on our countertop. I scanned everything and it came up to a whopping total of $7,500. I knew just then that there was no way she was going to come back and pay for everything on the table. And she didn't. At 8pm, two hours after she has left, I started packing everything up and it took me 1.5 hours just to fold the clothes, put them back in their original plastic bag, sort them by size, design and color, and put them back in the stock room. I was positively fuming at this point, because it was sooo tedious, and it was 50+ pieces of clothes I had to pack back, and I was alone, and it was so, so frustrating. So that was my whole day, and I finally only reached home at 10 even though my shift ended at 9:30 (it takes me 5 mins to get home). Horrible.

  5. Went for a quick day-trip with my parents and drove into JB because I wanted to get new glasses before I left for JP. Glasses shop was closed, just my luck, but had a nice lunch at Lavender. The renovation is complete and the new Lavender looks soo nice. Nothing much happened, just did a bit of shopping, eating and 2hrs of massage -- which was the worst experience of my life. Hated it. Never again.

  6. SAMSUNG NX MINI! the camera that I've been waiting AGES FOR AND FINALLY OWN. haven't properly used it yet as I only got it yesterday but --

    Didn't go Zouk but got this instead
    Pink one belongs to Lex and the tiffany blue one is mine. :-) IT'S SO CUTE ARGH

That's alllllll, I'll be back next time with more pictures bc ~*~I NOW HAVE A PROPER DIGITAL CAMERA~*~! 45mins til the end of work, ugh FINALLY. I can't wait for Japan, really need a holiday from this holiday (lmao I sound so ungrateful but life has really been bleak) and I'm going to try to stay dedicated to vlogging on this whole trip. I'm sure I will, because Jewel and Lex will go along with it hehe. Packing my suitcase tonight, I can't wait! :') TOKYO HERE WE COME!!!

04 07 14 - 'dieting'
Lou: ur actl ridic

It's only day 3 of this fucking 10-day diet that I've stupidly decided to embark on, and I've been cranky and lifeless and tired and I'm just craving a million different kinds of food. The fact that my period just came doesn't help with the mood swings and cravings at all. I hate this, I don't know why people willingly go through this, I'm so sick of eating fruits I want something fried and crispy and greasy goddammit.

The food I've been eating isn't disgusting, per se, but it's just so unsatisfying. I'm full but I still feel peckish. I've been snacking on fucking granola all day and it hurts my jaw but I just won't stop eating because I just want to have something to chew on. Also, groceries are fucking expensive, what the fuck? I went the other day and spent like $60, then went again two days later and spent another $15-20. Ugh, being a grown-up is going to be so hard.

I have a box of Tim Tams and a packet of Maltesers to eat when I am done with this diet. I would totes quit now if I haven't already went and blabbed on Instagram that I'm doing this stupid thing. And if my brother didn't go, "HAH! MY SISTER? HAH! DIET? HAH! WHAT?", which, RUDE.

Also it's especially hard when I can't eat and I'm sitting there eating nothing while my friends pig out on the most delicious smelling Aston's ever, I swear nothing looks or tastes as amazing as it does when you're hungry. When you're hungry/unsatisfied you just want to eat everything, wishing the HOLE IN YOUR HEART STOMACH WILL JUST CLOSE UP AND BE HAPPY ALREADY, and it will be happy, in 9 days, when I'm EATING A MCSPICY IN THE AIRPORT WAITING FOR MY FLIGHT TO JAPAN.

I can do this.


On the bright side, tomorrow is cheat day bc it's the weekend. So is next Friday when I go clubbing and have to drink alcohol. (That's why I started this diet 2 days earlier) URGH I WANT MACCIE D'S AND SUSHI
Harry: Giggle
What an adventure I had yesterday. I think this tweet of mine:

Emotionally drained from the amazing adventure we had today and physically drained from the singing and dancing @jonksss @taylorswift13

Sums up my feelings about the show in less than 140 characters. But of course, we need to get into the nitty gritty details. ;-)

So I went for burritos with the lovely as always epicflailer around 12:30pm, and only reached home at about 2:45pm thanks to the hour long bus ride. Jon & I were already planning on trying our luck to get into the Taylor Swift concert, which would be epic since it's her last ever RED Tour show, and this was a sold out concert so the experience would most probably be amazing. So we started going back and forth about whether we should go or not, if it would be a waste of time etc. We decided that yes, we should go, cuz you never know if you never try...also, YOLO muthafuckas. And we decided to go...in our onesies.

I only had a Pikachu onesie, and Jon only had his sister's reindeer onesie, and it was not even remotely close to the woodland creatures in her Never Ever Getting Back Together music video, but y'know what, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So he came to pick me up in a cab around 4ish and we only reached the National Indoor Stadium around 4:30. The sun was disgusting. My Pikachu onesie was made for weathers like London or something, where you can cozy up in without perspiring. Now, the material of my onesie was really really warm, to give you a gauge of how hot it is in the onesie, imagine perspiring even in 22deg air-con temp. I felt uncomfortable even in an air-con room so imagine the excruciating pain I was in under the hot sun in that fucking onesie made for naked mole rats or something.

this dude handmade his costume, I think he sewed on the sequins himself and it took him like, a month. AMAZING

But we wanted the grand prize. We wanted Club Red. We wanted to get upgraded to the mosh pit (despite the fact that we had no tickets at all). So we sucked it up, and we slapped a smile on our sweaty, sticky faces with lipstick melting off of it (I had '13' drawn on my cheek and Jon has 'Swiftie' on his forehead), walked circles around the stadium just trying to get someone to notice our valiant efforts. No luck. Worst thing is, we saw a bunch of other people in onesies. Another. Fucking. Bitch ass hoe in a Pikachu onesie. Ew, bye.

This pretty much dashed out our efforts of standing out in the crowd, so we tried looking super enthusiastic, singing and dancing along but the speakers were blasting Tay's slower songs and I didn't want to look like a fool fist pumping to I Almost Do or some shit.

Jon saw his friend while we were making our (234th?) round and she was also the girlfriend of the opening act, so she said if she manages to get extra tickets she'd give us a ring, so we got our hopes up a little bit, because it was already 5:30pm by then and all we've accomplished was say hi to the Zouk bouncers and took pictures with a bunch of random strangers (negl, I did feel like a proper celebrity).

We then decided to fuck everything and just buy a ticket. There were people outside the arena desperately trying to sell off their tickets, but the prices were still a bit ridiculous, $200 per ticket even after they've lowered the price. Jon's friend came through and managed to get us only one ticket, which was still better than nothing. Plus, the seats were pretty good, they were in Cat 1 so we just took it. This meant that we only needed one ticket and we could split the price, so it wasn't that bad. We went back to the ticketing counter and this lady kind of agreed to sell it to us for $120, so we quickly ran to the nearest ATM and also got a drink while we were at it, and made our way back to the stadium only to find out that the stupid bitch managed to sell her ticket off for $220. Wtf?!

Things got really depressing after that, we wandered around aimlessly and by then it was already 7:30pm and the show was starting at 8:30. I kind of accepted the fact that I wasn't going to the concert anymore and was feeling really disappointed.

Then, we overheard this lady giving tickets to a mother and a daughter, and were like. Holy crap. We kind of made a decision at that point to just throw our dignity out the window and chased her down, Jon was all, "Oh my god are you selling tickets? We've been here since 4pm walking around trying to get tickets because we didn't manage to get any before it completely sold out so please if you have extra tickets, sell it to us!" She was soo nice about it, she was like, "Oh, I do have tickets but they're the most expensive category ($292) and I don't think you guys would want to spend that much right now, but wait here, I think I can help you out!"

We were freaking out at this point, so we followed her to the back entrance and were buzzing from excitement. A group of girls who watched this exchange from afar came up to us and were like, "s'cuse me, what did you ask that lady?" Jon and I looked at each other and said to them, "What? Oh, no. We didn't ask her anything?" and acted all confused. Lmfaooo, every bitch for herself, right?

We waited about <10 minutes before she came out again holding a pair of tickets and she said, "This is my gift to you. Go enjoy the concert and spread the joy around!" (or smthg like that), we both were so overwhelmed all we could say was, "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" and we gave her a hug. She was so amazing and awesome and nice, I prayed for a miracle and was blessed with one. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we should still always always have faith in humanity no matter how shitty it gets. I felt a bit guilty after that, because we were a bit mean to the group of girls before that and didn't help them out.

Whatever, it was 8pm at that point and we just ran up to the stadium in high spirits. The tickets she gave us were the cheapest ones, I think they were for the seats on level 3, but because we were smart little elves we used Jon's ticket to get to the Cat 1 area which was a bit off to the side but we were quite close to the stage and had a good view of her. Jon and I kept looking at each other and giggling because what the fuck, how did we get this lucky?! :-)

The opening act did their thing and pumped us up for Taylor, and because T is a flawless queen, she didn't start the show late (like every other show I've been to - Gaga, All Time Low, Katy Perry, even Adam Lambert).

She opened the show with State of Grace, which I was familiar with because I listen to the acoustic version quite a lot to go to sleep. I still think her acoustic version is better, but T's vocals were still amazing, it sounded exactly like her studio version.

I never really cared much about Taylor Swift's personality or whatever before, I only really loved her songs, but she really managed to make me love her and embrace her stupid love life choices, because without all the failed relationships, we wouldn't have the amazing music she was producing, right? She engages the crowd so well despite the lack of choreography (which I hope she never starts doing, because the number with the drums was just awkward and silly), and her stage presence was just stunning.

T played a bunch of songs from the new album, which I love, but wasn't that familiar with. When she played her singles, though, I went all out crazy and just sang my lungs out and danced like a maniac. Her show was so so fun and I don't regret the sorethroat/cough I'm having rn. Her outfit changes were also very impressive, she had the most beautiful costumes and her dancers were always decked out in the most flawless outfits. There was really never a dull moment, even when she played the slower songs and I didn't know the lyrics, I would just watch, captivated. She was so, so pretty in real life, and still managed to look impeccable when her whole face was covered in perspiration.

Then this conversation took place.

Me: She didn't play Long Live on Monday right? (only my most favorite song of hers, ever)
Jon: Nope :(
Me: White Horse? (was my fave song until Long Live came about)
Jon: No...
Me: Aw man.
Taylor: I'm now going to play a song that a lot -- and I mean A LOT, in caps -- of you have requested.
*opening notes of Long Live starts playing*

I almost cried. I never cry at concerts, even at Adam's, and I loved him a lot, but when she started playing Long Live at a time I least expected it, I actually felt tears fill my eyes. It was even the acoustic version and I couldn't even. I. Couldn't. Even.

The story behind Long Live and why I'm so obsessed with it is because Long Live really helped me through my O Level period. It's a song about proving to people that doubted you and succeeding in 'crashing through walls' and having the 'kingdom lights shine' for us. I used that song for our graduating class video here:

I've always associated this song with our class because we were the most rebellious class on our level, and we've had teachers said that they didn't want to teach us because we had a reputation for being really naughty. I guess this song is just a reminder that we're more than all these other peasants ever expects us to be. :') Ok enough sappiness...


A setlist of all the songs she performed is here and I was kind of disappointed because there were rumors going around that Ellie Goulding was going to perform but she didn't, she just lazed around backstage and posted this on her Instagram:

Which is an amazing picture, but still!

After the concert we made our way home -- BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT, the bus and the train, because it was way too crowded to get a cab, oh my god how did I manage that I was so tired -- and I just had another T Swift marathon singing and jumping around. This concert really did change my perspective of her, and next time she dates one of the One Direction members I promise I won't be that harsh on her. ;-)

To wrap up this whole post, I am just going to leave a video of Long Live live (lol what mouthful) right here:

Xx, Tyn

P.S., a Harry icon for this post because I'm so funny, ha ha ha!

(credits to Jon for the pix, my iPhone 4 was useless)
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