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Faith, trust, pixie dust.
you can skyrocket away from me
One Direction Moodthemes!~ 
09 02 12
Tink: Twirl
Angry:  Happy:   Sad:  Tired: tired

So! I started making these moodthemes in October last year but only got around to completing them recently, and they are finally done! I never knew how difficult it is to make a moodtheme, ok. How the fuck do you find the expression for "full"?! Anyway, I managed to do all that and the wonderful epicflailer helped a bit. :D They are quite cute, if I say so myself. :D
Cheerful: cheerful Gloomy: gloomy Horny: horny Nervous: nervous Silly: silly

Satisfied: satisfied Scared: scared Hot: hot Pleased: pleasedCrappy:crappy

Energetic: energetic Hopeful: hopefulFlirty: flirtyRestless: restlessAmused: amused

Click here for more previews on my photobucket.
Er, yes. So here's how to install a moodtheme in a few easy steps!

Open notepad and copy-paste this onto it:

Then follow snubbly's instructions:

If you have a basic account, temporarily switch to a plus account while installing the mood theme, and switch back to basic after. You can still use your moodtheme on a basic account once it's installed.

Now go to the Admin Console.
Copy and paste this line into the box: moodtheme_create "Name" "Description"
Fill in the name and description of your theme and click execute.

Now see the mood theme ID given to you? (the number in green) Copy that... and go back to notepad.
Go to Edit > Replace again, type "123456" into 'Find what:' and 'Replace with:' your new number.

Now, copy the entire notepad code into the admin console box and click execute. Finished!
Go to Display and use your new theme.

Yup, that's it! :D If you have any problems/questions just comment and stuff. If you're using it, please credit me. Or I will hunt you down.

This is how the moodtheme is supposed to look like.


09 02 12 (UTC)
just did it thanks darling ♥
09 02 12 (UTC)
yw! did you encounter any problems? :( something went wrong and I just fixed it, not sure if you managed it :s
09 02 12 (UTC)
I seem to be having a problem. In Notepad when i do find 123456 and replace with my number it says that it can't find 123456 :P but i can see it.

I have no idea what's going on there.
09 02 12 (UTC)
Aha never mind. I fixed it!
09 02 12 (UTC)
Oh you are an absolute heroine! I've been wondering if someone would make one eventually, never mind something animated so thanks for this. :D Must have been a lot of frustrating work at times. Maybe this'll encourage me to use my journal more lol.

One question: I noticed on the full preview that you have some duplicates of certain moods - any reason? I ask just so I know whether certain ones will manually need the "2" added to it.
09 02 12 (UTC)
It was pretty frustrating :( HTML is not my friend haha.

If you mean the same mood but a different gif, it's because I couldn't choose between two gifs haha. If you mean the same gif for different moods it's because I couldn't find another gif for the mood, if you get what I mean? Haha sorry, I'm really rambly.
09 02 12 (UTC)
you are the best ♥
09 02 12 (UTC)
09 02 12 (UTC)
this is amazing, thank you ♥
10 02 12 (UTC)
I love how all the sexual ones are of zayn!!! :D
11 02 12 (UTC)
I love you!
Thank you so much for this ♥

Edited at 2012-02-11 12:21 pm (UTC)
12 02 12 (UTC)
these are so cute :)
i've always hesitated trying to upload a moodtheme because im absolutely clueless when it comes to all this coding stuff, but i couldn't resist these!!!
thanks alot!!
24 02 12 (UTC)
These are amazing! I don't understand anything that has to do with computers and I actually managed to upload these.

Thank you! :)
31 03 12 (UTC)
Thank you so much! Now I have lovely 1D moodthemes to add to my always-growing obsession :P xx
16 05 12 (UTC)
This is great. Thanks!
27 05 12 (UTC)
I am going to use these!
01 06 12 (UTC)
Thank you so much for this. Works perfectly!!
21 06 12 (UTC)
thank you so much dear! using!
24 06 12 (UTC)
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