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Faith, trust, pixie dust.
you can skyrocket away from me
Lou: ur actl ridic
SO. So. It's time to address this matter. This very, very big matter that is taking over my life and affecting my mood and controlling my feelings. Yes.

One Direction in Singapore. In fucking March 2015. When I'm going to be in the UK.

I know, I know, "You're going to be able to see them in UK, anyway!" "London is their home, you have a higher chance meeting them on the street than at the concert!" "WHY ARE YOU WORRYING ABOUT 1D IN SINGAPORE WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE IN LONDON?"

Listen. LISTEN. It's not. That. Simple.

1D being in Singapore means I am in my element. I know this tiny country inside out. They're in Chinatown? Got it. I'm there in 10 minutes. They're at RWS? Cool. Let me just give my uncle a call and see if he has seen them anywhere since he works there. Oh he's going to Mediacorp for a radio interview? Let me just text one of my friends working in radio to see if they can hook me up. Oh they're going to be running from everyone? Cool lemme get my driver so we can chase them down.

SINGAPORE IS EASY FOR ME. I know how to get around! I know the tourists attractions well! I know the rates for the hotels they're probs gonna be staying in! I know how to stand out in a crowd of basic Singaporean teenage bitches!

In London it's all getting lost, google mapping until my phone is at 3%, SGD$80 cab fares, big ass stadiums with crazier-than-Singaporeans fangirls, tall, blonde, leggy bitches with their big tits and crop tops and effortless beauty, like. NO. I don't want to be around that.

Sarah and I have basically been planning 1D coming to Singapore ever since we met over our mutual love for this band. What to wear, how much we're going to spend on waxing/fake tans/extensions/falsies (lmao I know...obvi kidding...hmmeee), how high our heels are gonna be etc. It's not fair that I've been waiting 4 years for this moment and I won't even be here, instead I'll be all the way over in their homeland. What the fuck is my life?!

It's not fair that I was there with them and supporting their fucking idiotic asses through every ridiculous tattoo and shitty award show performance and crying over their stupid documentaries and books and movies and through EVERY SONG ON THE ALBUM, being there the second WMYB radio premiere aired, refreshing the page when the WMYB music video came about, I was there through every Lourry drama, and still having the stupidest faith in these two idiots, I was there suffering through every girl they dated and every break-up, I was there through every stupid joke (DO YA WANT ANOTHER SPRING ROLL, BEBS) (IF YOU LIKED IT, DON'T COME BACK) (SING THIS IS THE MOMENT, THOMAS! SING IT!), every stupid boyband phase (ZAYN'S BASEBALL JACKETS, LOUIS' STRIPED TEES, NIALL'S SINGLETS, HAZZ'S BLAZERS, LIAM'S IRRELEVANCE FLOPPY PUPPY DOG HAIR), every shitty song that shouldn't have made it onto any album -- even the deluxe ones (Another World, Nanana...wtf were you thinking 1D), every time the boys get into trouble with the tabloids I was there forgiving them for every inexcusable mistake, every bad hairstyle, receding hairlines and too-big forehead included, I was there rushing home from a night of clubbing so that I can watch 8 hours of their stupid shitty ass livestream that wasn't even half as good as the documentary but we still stuck through it (only to have some shitty ass embarrassing fangirl represent Singapore), I was there staying up til 7/8am watching red carpet events and award shows just to get a glimpse of the boys, I WAS THERE THROUGH EVERYTHING AND PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE IT. THEY. DON'T. DESERVE. TO. GO. WATCH. MY. BOYS. IF. I. CAN'T.

I'm being just a bit ridiculous, I don't even make sense, I'm just a little bit crazy and a lot emotional at the moment (as usual), but it's just so so so unfair that even my older brother has watched them in concert (with earphones on) just because he was at the right place at the right time. For me, I always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. When I'm in America they're in Europe. When I'm in Europe they're in America. When I'm in Japan they're in some part of Asia. And now when I'm going to fucking London -- where they live -- they're going to be in fucking SINGAPORE.

Fuck all y'all.

That's all I'm going to say about this matter. Tyfyt.

X, Tyn
03 06 14 - THE BIG 2-0
Lou: Sassing Hazz

So. The day finally came. The day I stopped being a teenager.
Obvi I don't all of a sudden feel different, like I suddenly want to stop doing stupid shit and start taking on huge responsibilities and making smart decisions, but that day will come. Someday.

Let's talk about what happened on my birthday first before I get into deep thoughts on turning 20 and start rambling.


So, to summarize this whole tl;dr blog post, I have the most amazing people in my life and I couldn't be more word of the day: grateful. If you were there that night, thank you so much for everything, I love you. You complete me. :')

also, this happened.
In a type-y mood, so before the big birthday blog post that I'm planning on writing (soon...), here's a little filler for my very dead, very sad blog.

  1. What is your current fashion obsession? - Shortalls! :D Like overalls, but shorts.

  2. What is your current makeup obsession? - It will forever and always be Benefit's Hoola bronzer.

  3. What are you wearing today? - In my PJs now, but I was wearing a long/short strapless pink dress with a lace sweetheart cut top that I got from Papaya.

  4. Hair? - Red. Long. Frizzy. Unhealthy. Don't perm your hair without doing thorough research on what goes into taking care of your permed hair, kids.

  5. Do you nap a lot? - Yes, but I try not to. I sleep in so late now that I rarely have to take naps, but if I have to be up earlier than 9am then I would need a nap to last me through the day smh.

  6. Why is today special? - It's not that special. Just had the usual work shift. I did have a very delicious dinner of Japanese curry rice and also decided to apply for scholarship for Uni. *crosses fingers*

  7. What would you like to learn to do? - I'd like to learn how to play a musical instrument -- preferably a guitar or the keyboard.

  8. What are you listening to right now? - A beautiful acoustic cover of You're The One That I Want (Grease) by The Lennings! I was having a bit of an Nsync Nostalgia Party before I started typing this blog post, though. Then had to change playlists because I kept singing along and getting too distracted to type.

  9. What is your favorite weather? - Aircon weather! The cool breezy weather after a nice drizzle...that's the best kind of weather. When you can wear a light sweater and walk to the bus stop without your make-up melting off your face.

  10. What's the last thing you bought? - Drinks at a bar last night.

  11. What are your essentials when traveling? - Make-up. My phone. A camera. 3G?

  12. What's your style? - I think it's very Aussie/California girl haha. Crop tops, short shorts and sneakers are the way to goooo. I am very lazy.

  13. What is your most challenging goal right now? - Leave for the UK without missing my friends/family that much.

  14. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? California. Hollywood. Definitely.

  15. Favorite vacation spot? - Somewhere beachy...Barcelona.

  16. Name the things you cannot live without? - My iPhone 5S. :'( R.I.P, buddy.

  17. How was your childhood? - Amazing. :) Thank you momma and pops. x

  18. What would you like to have in your hands right now? - Lots of money. Or a plane ticket to somewhere far away. Preferably America.

  19. What would you like to get rid of? - The layers of fats on my stomach that have appeared a month or two ago. :( TIME TO HIT THE GYM!

  20. What are you most excited for? - Right now, Japan trip with Lex & Jewel and also kind of inbetween excitement and dread about UK -- I'm still deciding.

  21. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? - Disneyland Anaheim. :')

Lou: Stahp
Happy Mothers' Day!
I hope all of you get to spend this day with your mum, your dad, or whoever the mother figure was throughout your life. I think this year is probably the first year ever I am properly appreciative of all that my mum has done for me, and I guess it is a bit late, but better late than never, right?

For the past few years I've always taken this day for granted and have never actually planned anything special for my mum. Mothers' Day had little meaning for me, and it was very hard for me to actually give my mum a hug and wish her a happy Mothers' Day or tell her I love her. I've never been physically close to my mum and our relationship (ever since I entered the infamous teenage years) has always been very rocky.

This year I'm super extra appreciative of all that she has done for me, I see how much she's struggling at the moment with my dad, finances, my grandma and the never ending amount of problems my younger brother and I have given her (my older brother is trophy child sooo no problem here ha). I never ever made any time for her and spent my weekends hanging with my friends and doing my best to get away from home. I guess it was part teenage rebellion and part trying to escape her tight grip on me.

I've been spending quite a lot of quality time with her lately and I see the amazing woman that she is, I have so much more respect for her and it just makes me so sad that I realized this so late. Everything she does is just to do good for our family, her constant nagging and non-stop annoying overbearingness (google said it was a word so the red squiggly line can leave thanks) was all just to get us to be the best person we can be.

She has always told me to not depend too much on your friends, as they won't be there for you for your entire life. I agree with that, but to a certain extent. There is no doubt that I do love my friends very very much, and I believe that they'll be there for me no matter what like I will be for them, but there is only so much they can do. I recently lost my phone (more like it got stolen) (this is another story for another time -- I have a LOT of thoughts about this subject), and the first person I called was my mum and because of her old-fashioned thinking where phones don't have passcodes on them, she cancelled my line. Of course, this meant that there is no way I can check Find My iPhone as the 3G would be cut off and I couldn't send scary, threatening messages to the person that picked my phone up to return my phone.

What I'm trying to say is, my mum is the one that will drive me to get a new SIM card, drive me to the police station to report my stolen phone, and contact my aunt about getting our back-up iPhone back. She's the one that will physically be there for me throughout this whole (very terrifying) ordeal, whereas my friends will only be there for me emotionally (and I don't blame them, I'm not their responsibility and I won't be able to do the same for them). I guess what I learnt from this whole thing is that family's always going to be there for you first. Above everything else. Forever.
I want my mum to be there when I get my driving license and she can just sit shotgun and not stress about driving for once, I want her to be there when I go off for Uni, I want her to be there when I graduate, and I want her opinions when I do eventually get my own apartment, and be there to walk me down the aisle (I don't care about tradition, a mum could totes do it), and I want her to choose my kids' chinese names, and teach me all about raising children because I'm going to be a terrible mum, and I want her to just be there in all the biggest moments of my life like she always has been, and I want to always always remember that no matter how bad our fights get that she is an amazing woman who is just looking out for me and wants the best for her kids. If I have half the morals she has when I grow up, I will be so so happy and satisfied with myself because my mum is seriously amazing in everything she does.
I love you mummy, I hope that no matter how much I torture you with the stupid shit I do you know that I don't mean to anger you and stress you out, at the end of the day I'm just your stupid kid with a a couple more bad decisions to make before I grow up, please be patient with me through the phases that I go through before I eventually find myself, and know that I'll always be your stupid kid and you'll always be my sometimes infuriating, at times misunderstood, occasionally troublesome, always amazing mum. ♡ x
Tink: Laugh
Let’s take a trip down memory lane today, friends! :D

So Anne, for some reason, decided to dig up her secondary school notes and was all like, “hi guys I’m an A+ student so I totes like, can’t bear to throw my like, notes away and stuff! What should I like, do?” (I know I just made Anne sound really dumb while she’s saying a sentence that’s supposed to make her look smart) Point is! Anne was digging up her secondary school stuff and it brought back like, a shit ton of memories for me.

So I started looking for my stuff too that were all kept away under my bed and after a very traumatizing event of finding silverfish and woodlice all up in my bizniz, I hit the jackpot and found some koala-tea stuff! :D This made the rest of my night super amazing because I was just in such a good, nostalgic-y mood. :) I then decided to share all my awesome findings with you guys in case the woodlice decide to finally destroy all my books and journals and files and stuff to avenge for his family which I made my maid kill. Onwards!

First thing I found was the only subject I actually bothered about (and bothered to keep)…English!

I totally forgot about this essay! This one was just angst!fic and I based the characters off Megan/Matt from AI8 hahaha. I didn't even think this essay was particularly good, I guess my teacher was just biased towards me. *preens*

Hahahahahahhahahahaha my Adam/Kris fic on the word 'Adventure'. My teacher read this essay out to the whole class and even smirked when she read the bit where Adam grabbed Kris' hand in fear. I SWEAR SHE KNOWS THINGS!!!

*beeeeams* my English teacher gave this specially to me, Anne and Claudia hahaha we were such teacher's pets. I remember this caused a little bit of friction between us and the rest of the class because they were all like "oh it's so unfair blah blah blah" and me, Anne and Clauds were so affected by it and were straight up denying it, being like, "no she treats us all equally etc" but if this happened now I woulda just flipped my hair and be like, "be more fabulous, bitches, then you'll maybe get a cute fake certificate." ;) Love you, 5/2. Ha! x

And now my planner/journal/diary of 2011!

It was around the time my 1D obsession has just started (end of 2010) and naturally, when I'm obsessed with something, it shows.

This was the cover collage of my planner lmfao. My babies look so young, n'aww. :')

What greets you when you open my diary. Class timetable, of course. Because I'm responsible and shit.

A Lourry pic right after that, because priorities.
And a shit load of rubbish tucked under the pocket on the left...

Baby pictures, pics my friends have written stuff on and given to me as a vdays present, more printed out pics of Lourry (told you I was obsessed), a ticket stub from a Disney on Ice show, a cut out of Percy and his Piglets (no idea why??? how unhygienic), a drawing of Tinkerbell without a face in water color, a cut out of Tinkerbell from a pouch that Janelle didn't want (everyone knew I was obsessed with Tink so they just gave me Tinkerbell related stuff for a long time)

Upclose of the Tinkerbell watercolor because I love it sfm! It was given to be my a random art student, she was drawing it and screwed up the face so she wasn't going to use the drawing for her drawing board anymore, and I don't know if I asked for it or maybe Christine did, but I somehow convinced her to give it to me. She said she would if she could color over her face in white paint because she was so embarrassed of how ugly her face looked. Tsk, artists. Her face wasn't even that bad. But anyway I love Tinkerbell, and I love water color, so yay!

Also what wasn't shown in the picture but was tucked in my planner flap was this setlist from the Kris Allen concert in 2010!! :D I remember just ripping it off the floor on stage after the concert.

On to more fun stuff:
(Click to view larger picture)





And then as the months went on I got more lazy and it doesn't look as filled up and pretty as these months do lmao :(

Thanks for the reminder, Mits.......

Back flap of my planner, a bunch of Tinkerbell name stickers, Rilakkuma page bookmarks and another Lourry pic. Smh.
Yup that's my journal for 2011 :D I also dug up my 2010 one lmao

This is the front, and I absolutely adoooored this planner cover. Got it in Japan or something :'D

This is the back. Obsession with AI8 still going strong. Also a little Chris Colfer thurrr. No sign of 1D yet ha ha ha.

December 2009


Feb (Lookit my faded Kris Allen concert ticket stub :( bandaid count: 1

March! bandaid count: 2

April! bandaid count: 3

May! bandaid count: 4


July! bandaid count: 5

Aug! bandaid count: 6 (the pink heart is actually a bandaid)

Sept! And then I got lazy. Lmao at least I lasted til Sept for that year.

misc pages :D bandaid count: 7

bandaid count: 8

Random picture of Tim Urban with a baby lol and bandaid count: 9

Taking my obsession with Twitter a little too far

Weird picture of me as a vampire???
I think this is it hahaha. Hope you guys enjoyed a peek into my planner.

I wish I still did these things, unforch I do everything on my phone now :( I do still keep a little diary with me filled with a bunch of stuff, things to do, things I need to do, notes, thoughts, doodles, drawings, song lyrics, songs I need to download, TV shows I need to watch etc. I really like writing and doodling random shit so it's nice having a little notebook for all of that.


Here's a little update on my life before I go to bed :D

Have been feeling super super shitty about my body recently, for some reason I have no motivation to eat properly/diet/exercise and I just have like the more ridiculous cravings and the urge to eat everything in sight at all times. I have no idea what's wrong with me oh my god this has to stop, I've never felt so disgusted with my body ever. I'm so self-conscious now and I hate it. :( SOMEONE NEEDS TO MOTIVATE ME TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!! So annoyed with myself. I literally have no self-control!!!!

Also I think this is the best I've done in terms of trying to quit the 1D fandom. I mean, I don't have the itch to go on Tumblr, Twitter or ONTD to see what the boys are up to anymore, and I don't burst into tears at the mere sight of Louis doing his crinkly eyed smile anymore, so I guess that's good??? I watched the That Moment fragrance ad and I didn't feel a thing (except hint of fond annoyance -- is that a thing?) and I felt so proud of myself after that. I think Mickey and Ian has got a huge part in helping to distract me from that shit band.

SPEAKING OF LOUIS AND HARRY AND MICKEY AND IAN AND LGBT AND GAY AND RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE!!!!!!!! GALLAVICH ON THIS SEASON OF SHAMELESS, EH??!??!?! HOW PERFECT ARE THEY ASJFKNMSDKFNSK I literally have been counting down the days to a new episode every week this season. I cannot believe it's over omfg!!!! It has been so perfect and I've never felt so strongly about any TV show canon pairing in my life!!!! Not even for Elena/Stefan because that is tbh the shittiest couple in the world ugh don't even want to talk about that but MICKEY/IAN!!! They make me so happy uggghhh. I have been non-stop rewatching their scenes and when I'm not I'm either watching fanvids or reading fic. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE GALLAVICH FIC PEOPLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WRITE ME SOMETHING GOOD.

Umm. Yes. That's basically my life. I've been working most of the time at this retail shop called Little Man, and it's a really cute, hipstery place where everything is overpriced and our only customers are the rich and fickle-minded. It's an okay job, the pay is still quite shit but the hours are average and I deal with about 4-8 groups of customers every 6-8 hour shifts. Most of them don't even buy anything so the rest of the time I'm in the backroom watching that MTV show Are You The One (which is another TV show I've been obsessed about, btw).

That's basically my life, it's work, driving lessons, brunch with friends, dinner with family, fighting with mom over the same shit, partying at midnight, sleeping til 1pm, the usual. :D Life is really mundane now, which is why I abbbsolutely cannot wait til uni starts ugh. I just want to be in London rtfn surrounded by different people living a different life. No offence to the people in my current life, I love you all dearly, I just need

Annnd it's 2am, so I should go to bed, and by go to bed I mean cry over Gallavich fanvids under my blankets in bed.

This is a blogpost to cordially invite everyone who is reading this to go back to Batam with me soon. Because omg, Batam is amazing!!!

Look at that view! That is what greeted us the minute we stepped out of the shuttle van that picked us up from the ferry terminal. Ahhhhh, miss it already. :(

Let's go back to the start.

I stayed up all night because I couldn't fall asleep and started preparing to leave the house around 6ish am. Was a bit earlier than the rest because I got the timings wrong, so I followed my parents to run some errands before they dropped me off at Tanah Merah's Ferry Terminal an hour early. :( Soooo I just waited around alone with hugeass luggage and when they finally arrived, we bought tickets for the 9:30am ferry and shopped around Duty Free for a bit.

Finally got on the ferry and Laura, Kat and Dodo knocked out cuz they all had very little sleep (excuse u I didn't sleep at all haha) and I just drifted in and out of consciousness.

Ferry ride was quite short, 40 mins, and then we were in Batam! Bought some snacks and indo mee at the mini provision shop at the ferry terminal then we were off to Montigo!

Reached Montigo around 10/11am, and were greeted by really nice staff that gave us warm towels (??) and a nice glass of Indonesian tea (I think haha it was rly yummy!). We then tried checking in but our rooms weren't ready so we headed for the beach/pool by the buggy! :-)

We chilled in the hot hot hot sun for about 45 mins, then took the buggy back to the reception area to see if our room was ready at around 12pm. It wasn't, unfortunately, and was told it will only be ready around 3pm which meant we had lots of time to kill before that. Back to the public pool where we just gave up on chilling in the sun beds and just headed for the bar to get some drinks to cool down. I got a mango smoothie and we just sat there talking for a bit. We also explored Montigo a bit more and went to the Kids Club area which was cute, but kind of creepy without all the kids there. Kind of reminded me of Bintan Lagoon's kids club and how much I want to visit Bintan again.

After what felt like aaages, we went back around 3pm and our villa was finally ready! :-) We got all our bags and took the buggy to Villa 90, but had some problems with the key card so we had to wait even more, but it just made us more excited. And then finally!!!

We got in! Pictures are taken from Amanda's blog because I was too busy vlogging to take pictures.

The 'infinity pool' was a bit of a disappointment because it was really small, but the view just made everything better.
We blasted music and just lazed around the pool. :-)

Everyone was hungry so they all started cooking some indomee, and I did too but because I was distracted I added too much water to what was supposed to be dry noodles and it ended up tasting horrible. :-( Note to self: Don't cook when you're distracted!!! >:[

At one point I took a break from the pool and took advantage of the Wii machine they had and played a really intense game of Mario Kart. I was sitting alone swearing at the TV while everyone else ignored me. :-(

Wanted a better view to watch the sunset so we headed for the rooftop and just took more selfies and pictures. It was truly breathtaking, the view. :')

The picture does not do the sunset justice!!

When it got dark we all finally got off our lazy arses and took the buggy to a nearby restaurant that had Chinese tze char food. It was pretty cheap, $6/7 for this plate of fried rice.

They were playing really creepy ass Chinese music tho, which ruined the whole vibe. So we left quickly after eating and because Laura wanted another glass of her Lychee Mint Tea, we went back to the bar we were at earlier but it was closed!!! So we just went to the restaurant nearby and got dessert :-D

Got a coconut creme brulee, which was so so yummy.

Laura's lychee mint tea wasn't the same as the one she drank at the bar which she was pretty bummed about. We were laughing really hard at the videos we took that day and some of Kat's questionable dance moves which I made into a gif. Ha!

Headed back to the villa after that and chilled in the pool some more because it was really cold and the pool was quite warm. We broke out the Pina Colada~*~*

We didn't even drink that much but I think because Amanda was so full+she went straight into the pool+the pina colada tasted a bit gross but she started puking lmao and Laura was so useless and it's just a you had to be there!!! moment. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard ever.

I was falling asleep at that point (no sleep+a full day of activities will do that to you), so we all started clearing up and getting ready for bed. At one point a burning lantern from our neighbours probably dropped from the sky and fell into our pool, that woke me up a little. It was so dangerous! If any of us were in the pool standing at that spot our hair woulda probably caught on fire and we could've been seriously injured. Tsk tsk tsk.

We then headed to bed after showering, I slept in the twin bedroom with Amanda and Laura, Kat and Dodo slept in the master bedroom with the queen sized bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, it was seriously a long but fun day. :')

The next day we woke up at 7am and went to get some breakfast at the restaurant, they had quite good food, and I ate two helpings. :'D A full belly is a happy belly!

Laura and Dodo had to leave a bit earlier than us cuz they wanted to attend school or some shit (WHAT IS SCHOOL? ha) so me, Kat and Amanda rolled around for a bit longer and finally checked out at 11am.

That concludes our Batam trip! It was a really good first time out of the country with just my friends experience, and I can't wait for more of these mini getaways! I still want to visit places like Bintan, Bali, Bangkok, Maldives etc with ALLL my friends. And hopefully after this trip my strict mother will allow it. :D

Alrightooo it's 3am, and I just came back from Pesh's camo themed birthday chalet which was quite fun, and I've never seen a party where people seriously stuck to the theme, haha.

S'allll! Until next time, my beautiful babies. xxxxxxx
Lou: Sassing Hazz

We’ve got fast food, tattoos, late talks, longer walks, checking for the music, for the fireworks and alcohol

Haven't blogged in ages because I have been quite busy and distracted and -- okay I was just lazy. HURHURHUR. So! Chinese New Year was pretty frackin uneventful. I didn't even have new clothes. I haven't been shopping in ages, which makes me a bit sad. I'm going to plan a shopping day with my momma soon.

Just did the usual relatives stuff, and on Day 2 went over to Kalebh's house! It was a bit awkward at first, because I'm an awkward person in general. Did a bit of Blackjack and only won $1 in the end. :| Smh. I'm the worst at gambling. Ate a bit of pizza, met lots of his friends, went over to Weiliang's house after that and then Fel came too which was a relief because then I had someone to talk to!

Decided to grab some supper at 24/7 Maccie D's nearby and Kalebh attempted the 20 nugget in 10 minutes challenge which he failed spectacularly at ha ha ha. ;-) He was even boasting so much before the challenge started.
So after that we split with the rest of the group and Kalebh, Fel and I went to meet Chanda to go back to Kalebh's house. We also bought a bottle of Absolut ;-)
Image preview

Played Circle of Death when we got back and got a little bit tipsy, just a little, and Fel went to take a nap while me, Kalebh & Chanda just sang Disney songs and old shit and chilled until 6am so I didn't have to pay for taxi's midnight charge haha. Finally got home and crashed.

Next day people visited us instead and I cba so I just stayed in my PJs all day, also I played Flappy Bird on an Android and ended up with a score of
Image preview
Soooo annoyed bc it's so x100 much easier on the Android than on the iPhone!!! The high score on my phone is still 29. :\
Went to Tony Roma's that night for dinner with epicflailer, and the fam and I wore jeans for the first time (in sg)!!!! It was quite momentous. I quite liked it.

Was supposed to meet my Island girls after that at HV but my mum was being a bit of a...:| so I didn't in the end. Shame.

Went out for dinner/mini shopping trip with Kalebh the next day, got 4 Fingers chicken which was delightful as always, fries were a bit shite but the chicken was (y).

Kalebh didn't enjoy his order but sux4him hahaha
Went for a fail shopping trip at Cathay cuz we were rushing quite a bit, then cabbed down to Haji Lane to meet Chanda for shisha at Nabin's! \o/ Yay. :-)
Jazlyn and Fel only arrived 2 hours later and Amanda and Gavin popped by for a while too :-D Yey

They all then left and I grabbed dinner with Chanda and Kalebh before we all cabbed back together. DONE.

Thursdayyyy! Steamboat with my Island girlies. :-) Met Laura, Amanda, Gavin and Kat at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to get groceries for the steamboat. It ended up coming to a total of less than $10 per person which was amazingly cheap!!!! And it was rly fun running around getting things with these idiots.
Image preview
Then we got really childish and spent 15 mins in the parking lot taking pictures of us sitting in the shopping cart.
Got to Kat's house which was AMAAAAZING, really liked it, and we just sat outside the balcony (?) area and chilled, it was kind of like a bar that overlooked Bukit Timah Reserve (I think) and there was a breeze and people jogging and dogs and NATURAL SUNLIGHT FOR AMAZING SELFIES!!!!! Hah.

Dodo finally arrived! She was supposed to meet us to shop for groceries too but she was sleeping haha.
Such a shame the lighting settings on these screwed up :'( Look how cute my Adventure Time polaroids are, though!!!
Kalebh then arrived as well :-)

Finally got the settings right :\

Started watching Mean Girls for a bit before we got bored and distracted 5 minutes in and there wasn't anyone to entertain the boys so we all went to get the food prepared for the steamboat. Ate loads during the steamboat it was all so yummy! Pesh also came right before we started eating so, perfect timing. :-) Missed that bitch :-D
We chilled for a bit downstairs, Wayne arrived. While we were chatting we were listening to the radio and Deekosh was on! And since Kalebh knew Dee, he texted him to give us Island girls a shoutout and also to play We Can't Stop. AND HE DID! It was exciting and hilarious and a bit stupid. :')

I took the liberty of recording and uploading it so I can listen to it in the future and reminiscence :') Ignore Laura's excited screams hahah.
So then we went to Kat's room and played a very enthusiastic game of Heads Up/Charades. It was fun for a bit, then we moved on to Circle of Death which was a complete FAIL because no one wanted to drink, so I drank a bit alone. We then walked out to send Kat off and came back after to chill for a while more before me & Kalebh left as well. The other girls stayed over but I didn't want to because I'm really high maintenance haha oop. Yup that was it! It was rly fun.

The next daaaaaaay! Friday! Spent my Friday night at Kalebh's friend's bbq birthday party all the fucking way at Yishun or something, it was like an hour away by bus. Horrible. :( I was awkward for the first 3 hours of the bbq and only warmed up when I started drinking hahaha smh :(
Of course Tyn drank too much again and was a drunken mess...........was crying and shit but Chanda was being lovely and comforting me hahaha it had something to do with me leaving in September and leaving everyone and I don't wanna leave but I do but I don't idk?!?! Just remember crying loads and also walking straight into a fire extinguisher and now there's like a huge bruise on my head. :'( On the bright side tho, it was rly fun and I haven't been able to get drunk in ages and that night I managed to (maybe bc I was downing shots), usually lately I just get massive headaches and want to go home. So yay! I can still get stupid wasted and not be a wet blanket!
Managed to not puke until I got home by a $24 cab ride and then I fell asleep thinking I had to wake up at 12pm for work but then I woke up (feeling shitty) and was told I didn't need to work. Huzzah! :D So I stayed home nursing my hangover.

Went out at night tho, to Rachael's house for CNY visiting! Missed my babies, haven't been seeing them much lately because of their school and stuff, so we spent the evening just catching up and eating and then around 12.30am we headed over to Dom's house and gambled. I lost $2, but whatever. It was fun for a bit.

I love Anne. Sometimes.

Went home at 2:30am, lovely Sheryl drove me. :-D

Didn't do anything on Sunday except work from 4-10:30pm. I'm back at Island Creamery again. Until I find another job. I need income. Have got work again tmrw at KAP. Fuck shit bollocks I hate it. :-(

Anywayyyyy that was my week. :D It was quite eventful. Batam is next Sunday & Monday and I think I'll blog about that. Until then, BYE SUCKERS!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Soooooo, like every other year, I'm going to do up my Christmas list. In case you were interested in getting me a present. ;)

  1. The Naked 3 palette! (USD$52)

  2. One Direction's Where We Are book (USD$12? Depends on where you get it)

  3. One Direction: This Is Us DVD - Ultimate Fan Edition

  4. Sephora Collection: Deluxe Standing Easel Brush Set (USD$275 lol)

  5. Babyliss: Curl Secret - only the most amazing, revolutionary hair curler of ALL TIME!!!  (£120.00 lol)

  6. Bliss: Ingrown Elimination Pads (50) - umm...don't ask. (USD$38)

  7. M.A.C. Pro Longwear Concealer in NC30 (USD$19)

  8. Silver iPod Classic in 160GB ($348)

  9. McBusted tickets for London Show

  10. Lifetime Supply of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (or...10 bottles will do.) (USD$3)

See? I don't ask for much, really. 0:)
Lou: I'll take that

Day 30 - What's In Your Make-Up Bag?

Ok so as you all know my make up bagSSS got stolen a few months back, and I'm still trying to build back my make-up collection and stuff so:

This is what's in my make-up bag!
1. 6 Liquid Eyeliners (???? Idek. 4 of them is the same Maybelline one sigh)
2. 1 Pencil Eyeliner from ULTA
3. 1 Tub of Gel Liner from L'Oreal
4. 1 Make-up remover pen (best investment ever...it was only $1 from ELF and saves me SO MUCH TIME!)
5. 2 eyeshadow primers from Urban Decay and Wet & Wild
6. 1 Maybelline Baby Skin pore eraser
7. 2 concealers from Benefit and MAC
8. 5 Mascaras - 3 Maybelline, 1 CoverGirl and 1 Rimmel
9. 5 Bronzers - 2 Hoola, 1 Wet & Wild, 1 H&M ($5!) and 1 Victoria's Secret
10. 5 Eyeshadow Palettes - 3 Rimmel, 1 Forever 21, 1 Wet & Wild
11. 2 Liquid Foundation - 1 Maybelline, 1 KATE (Kate's one is AHHHmazing)
12. 2 Powder Foundations - 1 Bare Minerals, 1 Maybelline (this is in Mousse form, but still)
13. 1 Finish Powder from Make Up Forever (FUCKING LOVE THIS so expensive but worth it!!!)
14. 2 Tubs of eyeshadow - 1 Brigitte, 1 MAC
15. 1 Eyelash Curler from F21

Lipsticks are all usually in my bag so there's only one in the picture which is from Maybelline. Also I don't wear a lot of lipstick. Shit gets everywhere.

So I got into the nitty gritty details but I've kinda been wanting to do this for awhile, to realise how much money I've been spending on make-up so I'll stop ha! (Not gonna happen)

Day 31 - Why Do You Blog
To get my thoughts out on paper. Well, not actually paper, but you get the gist. Sometimes you just have all these running thoughts you just wanna spill to someone and no one has time for you so you just...type. And once I do I can't stop, and usually all these posts are locked and only I can see them but it makes me feel so much better after I've typed everything out.

Also it's a good way of letting your feelings out without having to feel constrained to 140 characters and annoy people by spam tweeting, so that's good. Another thing I like about it is because not many people blog anymore? So even though I post my most private thoughts I get to control who gets to see them by only making them available to my friends and shit. :) I like blogging. It's fun.

Well. That's all 31 days. Even though I never really properly did this tag at least I completed it. Hey, it wouldn't me me if I accidentally missed out on a few days, right? Okay, a lot of days. Shut up.

CHRISTMAS IS IN 22 DAYS AHHH what the heck?! That's crazy. I don't want my years to whizz by like this please I WANNA STAY A TEENAGER FOREVER.

I hate life. But I love you. Person reading this. I don't know why you bothered, if you did. Ilu. Xxxxxxx

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26. An old photo of you

27. Post your favorite recipe

FUDGY BROWNIES! Some say it's the best brownies they've ever eaten and it's the only thing I can bake without fail :3

28. What are you looking forward to?

29. Where have you travelled?

  1. Tokyo

  2. Hokkaido

  3. California

  4. Florida

  5. England

  6. Paris

  7. Spain

  8. Malaysia lmfao

  9. Bangkok

  10. Macau

  11. China

  12. Taiwan

  13. Bali

  14. Korea (I don't remember anything from this though)

Full list!Collapse )
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